I once knew a girl who wrote songs for the devil
She wrote them so cleverly
Her trickery was frightening
She clutched that demon by the mind
When the devil heard the tunes he wanted them for his own
He told this girl he knew so well
He’d part with anything he had
So she wrote these songs for him of love lust and pretty thoughts

As she saw the devils light
She smiled in her delight
How could a girl be so bright?
To change the devil over night

Her motive was unclear to her
She felt a pain she couldn’t understand
She wrote her words and her melody
Expecting things that couldn’t be
She never thought the devil would be so attractive
She knew his horns were misleading
The angel inside was sadly waiting
Praying for so love to come to his soul

She wrote her lovely lullaby
As the devil fell into a hazy sleep