Dead like Me

You spend all your time looking at me like I’m a celebrity
You run around saying you want to be free you want to be me
You want to live like me soaring free from your troubles
Know everything and how to be cool and never be the fool

So you want to be…
Dead like me… dead like me… roaming free… dead like me…

You want to see like through my eyes, walk through my mouth, walk with my legs
You ramble like you can mimic my tone make people thing your me
You wish you had my hands so you could write my words write my song but what you don’t see
is if you could be me you would be nobody

So you want to be…
Dead like me… dead I see… your blind in your mind if you want to be… dead like me… dead
like me…

When she went away I felt the pain rip through me
You must have felt so alive in you mind
Because you got the girl for that time doesn’t mean you the hero in the end
Now you got your wish

How dose it feel to be…
Dead like I used to be…. Doesn’t feel so free… being dead like I used to be…