The song is Metal House Project, the first complete song from a demo I'm doing with a friend as a duo. I think we're really onto something with this musical style; any criticism and praise is much appreciated

Disregard that, see the later post down there. Thanks.
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Crit as I listen..

The start reminded me of 'Another one bites the dust' or whatever its called.. Dunno why.. Had me nodding my head

only up to 1:30, and i love it .. im gonna try look into this genre more..

I love the lead harmony over the top, it fits really well..

Sweet solo man, the wah fits really well,and is in the right places, unlike some songs where they just have wah all over the place -.-

Love the outro too..

Oh lawd, MAKE MORE SONGS!!!!!11143


EDIT: If/When you make more songs, you better tell me!
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Was fully zoning out to this.

I'm not sure if that was the desired effect, and I'm none too sure myself if it's a good sign.

The ideas you've got on show here are very cool. The guy who left the comment on your page was right. Very Rammstein-esque. Around 3 and a half minutes in, it starts to wear a tad thin.
I'm not really commenting this as a fan of electronic music though, and that could be my problem. From my point of view, to appeal to a wider audience who won't shun the dance/metal combination, you need to change things up more. You use very few riffs in a fairly long song. Like I said, what you've got so far is very good, but considering the length it starts to get a bit boring. It picks up when the solo starts. Very nice solo, tasteful, and fits the song. And I wasn't expecting the clean outro either, and I really liked that.

Good so far. I'll add your profile, tell me you've done some more stuff :]

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I like it, I thought Id start it off saying that but the clap dude... not the way to go in my opinion. I'd try an industrial snare drum of some sort. I like the EQ'd bass basis and the clean guitar, they blend real well. I think it needs some vocals to really solidify the song.

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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
one thing that i'd suggest is getting rid of the clap, find a harsher snare or something. like GCS said. in the end it'll probably sound better. also, mix it up a little.

edit - also, my friend mastabassist10 would be willing to help you guys out with a few tips, suggestions etc.
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Radical. I really liked it. It is kind of a metal/house sound. I kind of like it. Basically everything was said before. Definitely had me bobbing my head. Very cool. Moar please!
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Intro: Maybe a little long, Bass drum is a bit loud in relation to the hihat(?) and guitar. Br00tal guitar sound, maybe a little too brutal for my tastes, but each to his own. The synth as a bass works well, and compliments the dance sound you have going. TBH, I feel it needs something else, a melody etc. This sounds like a good backing track. The harmonised playing is good but again, it just feels like accompaniment to me. I also think you could do well with a good synth array .

-I'm writing as I listen; just when I lost faith a face melting solo pops out! Brilliant! You need that sort of momentum throughout the song, whether it's created with vocals, synth guitar or whatever.

Nice ending, and a nice backing all the way through. Now you just need to transform those long periods of backing into motivated melodies so that you can keep the listener's attention

So; you have a good base on which to build. I like the idea of dance/trance fused with metal, and you've done a good job in combining the two. If you develop it as mentioned you should have a really good song on your project, but TBH, ATM it sounds unfinished.

Good Luck!


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Well, many thanks people. Quick bump to see if anyone wants to check out our other stuff. Much improved version of Daft Metal, and Creme Egg. Take a listen. tell us what you think, and of course, C4C.

We're now working on a more traditional house style tune, less guitarwork than the others, probably without much lead either. We'll also be adding vox and some synthy melodies to our existing songs.

Peace out

P.S- Don't be afraid to add yourself as fans
I love it !
I think I never heard anything like this before, the only problem is it gets a bit repetitive in the beggining it's almost the same thing over and over again for a entire minute but after that it gets better. The solo is pretty cool too.
This is awesome, and the genres blend suprisingly well together.

Well done !

Crit mine ?
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I like, it's definetely got a unique syle to it, and the recording quality on the guitar is decent. My only criticism might be that it's a tad long and a bit repetitive. By the end I lost interest a bit.

Still an overall cool sounding song though.