Hi, ok I'm writing a song for my band and I need a transition with some funky little noises. Like, it goes from really fast, pause(guitar noise in background), to a really heavy power chord riff. What I had in mind was whatever kerry king is doing to his guitar to make that like metal grinding sound at the begining of raining blood, so if anybody knows how he does that it would be perfect if you could explain how, or i dont know, I was thinking about whammying some harmonics or something. Any ideas?
if you have a floyd rose type bridge, just hit all the strings and then dive with the bar as low as it will go and shake.
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distortion way up, scraping/pick slides maybe? play around with harmonics and feedback...
feedback with a killswitch or tremolo pedal for strange sounds. use a flanger set to a really high level where u get a vibrato. chorus works well for this too. also the floyd rose trick as mentioned before