I just started playing guitar, right now just messing around with chords and tabs. I have a Squier Affinity Tele. I bought a Danelectro distortion pedal and it sort of eats my guitar up. Yeah, it's a cheap pedal. My question is: Is it worth replacing a pick up? What pickup, bridge or neck? What pick up would you suggest? Where can I get this work done? Or, how hard a job will this be? Or shoulld I just be content with the properties of the guitar and save up for another in the future.

Lots of questions. Any reply would be appreciated.
It's not worth it to replace much of anything yet. Play around with your settings before you even consider buying a new pickup, you might be able to get the sound you want.
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Thanks for your input. Since I just sort of just do my own thing on my guitar, and I'm just a casual radio listener and haven't really bought music since the LPs were around, I was just looking for a sound a little bit heavier than what's on the Tele now (although I appreciate it's jangley-ness). I like Led Zeppelin and I have a video of Paige playing a Tele in a Danish TV spot- really cool. I guess I listen to more alternative rock now than classic (other than Led Zeppelin)... Smashing Pumpkins, Silver Sun Pickups, Radiohead...etc.

Why did I get the Squire Tele if I wanted a heavier sound? Two reasons, I didn't know much about what pickups could do and the neck of the Squire is thin and I can get my little fingers around it quite easily.

I think I'll take the first advice and just hang on to the Tele as-is and use it to the best of its capabilities (and mine). I've tried an MIM HSS Strat that sounds good and I sort of like the Jagmaster as well (thin neck). New guitar is down the road though. Thanks for your replies.