hey all in about 2 weeks i have about 450-500 to spend and i have decided on a strat.
Im going for a Mexi strat body on ebay and a mighty mite neck (also on ebay)

For parts and somes pups im getting them from Guitarfetish.com. they are:

5.25 and 5.5 neck and mid pups (18$ each)

Classic strapbuttons (5$)

Neck plate and screws (8$)

Strat input jack (5$)

Strat string trees (5$)

Set of 20 pickguard screws (5$)

Pup screws (2$)

Hss prewired guard w. 5 way and pots (35$)

Crome gotoh style tuners (22$)

4 white bell knobs (11$)

strat vintage trem (27$)

Then im getting a duncan "59 for the bridge. When i get it all . Any thing im forgetting?
**** I'm making the neck and body of a strat now and I payed over $500 for the parts and I'm using gfs pups.
I've only got 2 suggestions get some real gotohs or the wilkonson locking ones off guitar fetish I wouldn't use those tuners unless there was a locking nut just to be safe. The trem needs to be batter though this is what I regret when I put a strat together years ago I made the body but had no money and only spent $200 on parts, get a better bridge and you'll be set.