I'm sure some of these questions have been asnwered before, but I wouldn't know where to look and it's easier to just put them all in one topic. So anyway, I want to start learning bass guitar on the side. First though, I want to know some things.

- Is it bad to anchor on bass? I know that it causes excess tension on electric, and I assume that it wouldn't be different on a bass, but i just want to make sure

- When playing with my fingers, should I keep it one finger per string, and like if i need to play one string quickly use more?

- What should i work on to start? I'm taking guitar lessons already, so I can't take bass lessons. I also didn't do mcuh when i started out on guitar, and i don't want to make the same mistake.
what exactly do you mean by anchor?

normally i use my index and middle
not exactly one finger per string
its more of
trying to keep alternating
unless your playing death metal where its
open notes on the thickest string alternating with progressions on another string
then you could use one per string
but just find a style you like, there is a lot of information out there about picking. just search

as to start
get comfortable with the instrument
is the most important thing
then maybe
learn some basic scales
its not neccesserilly bad, if it feels comfortable whilst your playing, and your happy with your playing you should be fine
well I haven't started yet, lol. i just want to make sure i don't have any errors from starting off.
Most people anchor their thumb on a pickup. You don't usually use one finger per string - instead you use the index and middle fingers and strictly alternate.