I got a Jay Turser Flying V a year ago because it was dirt cheap. I didn't expect much from it and planned on using it as a project guitar but was very surprised at the quality and sound. It is a bolt on neck but has great sustain and tone the only upgrade I would say it needs is a set of new pups. As soon as I find a nice replacement for them I will be changing those. It really has a vintage Gibson feel and the weight is pretty close to a Gibson. I also have an Epiphone Flying V it's a Black and White custom shop GOTM I paid $250.00 for it and it is an awesom guitar with Gibson USA pups right from the factory. I got it used and in excellent condition. I have seen several used Vs out there by several companies. I have a Hamer V I got for $280.00 with Duncan Design pups that is one of my favs in my collection. Getting a decent V for under $300.00 is possible but getting one in Green might be the biggest problem. I know the Jay Turser did come in green I see them here and there on Ebay.