i know this is kinda off topic but im driving myself crazy. all i've been doin for the last couple days is flipping through itunes dreaming about learning one of my favvorite songs. and at the end of the dy really i've only listened to about 3 hours of music instead of practicing and i cant even decide on a song.

so which song should i devote all my time to so i can learn it and improve my skill?
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the vegie tales theme song

fo sho

I second this motion!
Depending on your skill level ive found these 36songs realy helped me to expend my skills

for Rythem

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
Cowboys from Hell - Pantera (The solo im still trying to perfect after 5 years of guitar experience and 2 years trying to learn the song.)
Wasted Years - Iron Maiden

If your looking more to expand you lead guitar

Master of Puppets - Metallica
Anything by Trivium
Crushing Day/Satch Boogie - Joe Satriani

Metallica i found was the best band to listen to in order to expand your musical ability. Mainly because you can find a song for almost every scale progression and chord
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I second this motion!

I third it, or, whatever.
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Uh......learn Iron Man
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Ok, quick and dirty method to determine a best of out of a large collection, whether it's your favorite song, sexiest girl or greatest thing to do in zero gravity.

Don't overview everything at once. Do a quick scan and limit your selection to a smaller size, say 10 to 20 songs (or girls or whatever). Don't listen to the entire song. Don't overanalyse it. Just select some based on your criteria: playability, how you feel about it, stuff like that. This should go fast, since you don't have to exclude anything. Just decide if you like them very much or just a bit. Write down the ones you like very much.

Second step: overview your selection in sequence. Listen to the first song, take some time to analyse it, then step to the next one and analyse it too. And then decide whether you like it better than the previous one. Not better than any other song you know, just the one before. Drop the one you like less and go on to the next one, and do the same exercise.

At the end of your shortlist, you got your favorite.

My favorite is making love to a beautiful woman in zero gravity while listening to Pink Floyd.
i second master of puppets
that song is ones brutal workout for your picking hand and it got some nice techniques in it