i've been looking around for a guitar to save up and buy for myself (right now i'm borrowing a friends) and i thought it be pretty cool to have a seven string, but i'm conserned about a few things

1) bar chords - what do i do with the extra string?

2) neck size - my fingers are really long, so is having an extra string going to be a problem trying to reach the strings?

those are the two major problems that are making me reconsider my decision about buying a 7 string.

so if anyone could answer my questions, thanks
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lets say you have a glove, with 6 finger holes instead of 5.
if you dont have 6 fingers, no point in getting it right.???
but really if you dont need the extra string ( or dont know what to do with it)
dont get a 7 string.
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well... ive never played a 7 string but id imagine if you were playing barre chords you could always either mute it or not strum it, and the neck shouldnt be a problem.
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You just have to adjust, and once you get it you will most likely love it.
Barre chords, don't strum it.

Long fingers have extra reach for that extra string.
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7's do take a little time to get use to. The neck is wider, the scale leangth is longer.

you dont always have to use the 7th string eather though. for me i mainly use it so i dont have to change positions as often, chord extentions.

many people like them and many people hate them. only thing i could tell ya is go to your local guitar shop and try a few out if they have any, but good luck with that one, the music shops around here have one or two on a good day.

Also if you do deside to get a 7, please do us a fav. and dont turn into one of them "ill tune to drop a and play nothing but A5 power chords and play butt rock" thanks.
i love my 7 string, it feels so damn powerful in my hands. u'll get used to it real quick, it only took me half an hour to get used to the neck and i got small hands.
You can do what you want with the bar chords, either play it or dont play it, its nice to use the extra 5th in the bass string to give a more evil sound to me.

I have really long fingers as well, as soon as you get past the lanky-and-unable-to-move quickly stage then it helps, but either way you will adjust.

Either way you look at it, its only worth buying if you can effectively incorporate the extra notes into what you play.
I have both a 6 & 7 string I use live, both tuned the same, but I only use the 7 string if I need to solo. And even then sometimes I use the 6 string because high fret access is more difficult on the 7 string.