I was just wondering what the pit thought about the new episode of South Park

I thought the first minute of the show or so seemed very true about the media because they showed a debate versus Obama and Hillary and they interrupt with a Britney Spears report and they made it seem like Britney was more important that politics which seems actually true in real life.

anyways any other comments on the episode
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Are they playing it again after The Colbert Report?

dunno my tv says it's on again right now though
they were making fun of the gay "leave brittany aloooooonneeee" clip/quote haha
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they were making fun of the gay "leave brittany aloooooonneeee" clip/quote haha

A little late, aren't they?
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Eh, I don't think the episode was that good. Not a great start for the new season IMO
they replaying it now (midnight eastern time)
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yea man, i watched it about a month ago.
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I missed it. It'll come on again though.
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i watched them all online just after they come out cause im in the UK and i cant b assed waiting. it was a good episode, nothing special apart from carman saying something like "$100,000 thats enough to get slaves" that made me chuckle lol.
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As I said in another thread I liked the episode, the roaring photographer was the best part.
i thought it was a great episode...my only complaint was that there was hardly any cartman in this episode, and his character can sometimes carries an entire episode. i always find the show funnier when cartman is envolved.

they were definetly taking shots at the media and paparazzi as well as britney spears in this one though. i thought it was hilarious the way they were just standing there and the way cartman booked it when she shot her head off.
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The whole switch back to Clinton saying "and no spearchuckers" bit was hilarious.
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I'm about half way through and I don't think it's that funny, Tonsil Trouble was 100000000 times better