So I been playing using the Ibanez SZ and I was wondering if the neck is not as wide as other guitars? I just noticed I find it very difficult to play the C chord because my fingers are constantly touching other strings causing them to not ring out.

I can play the C chord fine on my acoustic pretty easily, and I can get a C chord out the electric, but it takes some conscious effort. Must be the way I do it. or perhaps its the neck -- so
after measuring I see that the neck width's of my acoustic and electric are about the same but Theres like less then a millimeter meter extra between each string on the acoustic. Just enough clearance I guess..So is it my technique or my guitar?

or maybe its my fingers -- so I measured just now for the first time ever in my life...my index finger tip which is 6 millimeters thick approximately...if it hits exactly straight on and sits on the string(which doesn't happen always) then there is like 7 mm clean space for my finger to go (or possibly 8-9 mm but thats cutting it closer to the strings being muted). So i need to have very little error, when placing my fingers. and .. this has gotten very exacting

So Is it the neck or my technique. If you got through that and want to respond with some help, then thats just
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it's your technique. you just need to adjust based on the guitar you are playing.


make sure youre arching your fingers too.
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what they said. + A chord would better show if the fretboard is slimmer than what youre usted to.