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Hey guys!

One more thread for the night!

I completely redid my rig, and thought I'd share it with my fellow guitar Junkies :twisted:

Rackmounted the Mark IV, added a GCX with the Ground Control. On the shelf is a TS-9, EH Deluxe Memory Man, Peterson Strobostomp, Voodoo Labs Pedal Power II, and soon to be added BBE Mind Bender Chorus.

Guitars are two PRS these things so much that I sold everything else off and only own two of these bad boys. And I'm more than happy!

As for the board, I finally added a wah that I completely love! The Budda wah! Basically, the wah for people that don't like abusing wahs. It's smooth, vocal....BY FAR the most vocal I've played to date. And when you switch it on, your tone doesn't turn to a garbage of treble. Highly recommended to anyone.

Anyways, here are the pics. Enjoy!

tremonti would be proud

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I am so lusting after your singlecuts.
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if you had a petrucci guitar you'd be close to his recording rig for Systematic Chaos! your rig is flat out AMAZING!
Can I has MESA?
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Nice rig

I think it would do it more justice if the surrounding is cleaner....clean your room!!! lol
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Thanks much guys!

The singlecuts are definitely the two best pieces I've ever played...there's something special about how I bond with them. Some guitars just match with you...these are the ones for me.

As for the overall rig, it's funny how the influences came to it.

As most that know me would know, I was at first VERY influenced by Tremonti....I has a Dual Recitifer, oversized recto cab, and a Tremonti treble in the bridge of my guitar.

Well, I found the tone just wasn't for me. But, Tremonti's love for the singlecut guitars helped me find them, and thank god it did!

So, I moved on to the Mark IV, a traditional 4x12, and some other things of my own.

Must say though...this is MY tone
im envious! awsome rig man!

.....faps to both PRS's!

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

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Nice setup!

Sorry to hear you sold your Dual... but the Mark is also a great amp!

lol... I still have that Hot Plate I purchased from you about 2 years ago... I almost never use it though.
^ sweet rig too!

Quote by SuperSamuraiGuy
Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

i bet the mark IV kicks the ass outta your old recto
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Wow! Impressive rig!

....also faps to PRS Singlecuts
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Is that a tub of Vaseline on the table next to your bed?

You dirty boy you!

Seriously though, nice rig.

Nice f'ing rig man!

I would kill to have that.
Mostly, because Mesas are badaas and PRS's = epic win.
In other words

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Iv never been a fan of Mesa's amps as they don't suit the music I play generally, but even I lust at a rig like that, The singlecuts look the sex, great set-up.
excellent rig, but one of the songs on your profile reminds me of Santana with a creamy sound interrupting the vocals and melody of a song....haha
Dig that head.
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Mesas do usually have their "hard rock / metal" reputation, but you'd be surprised how damn versatile a PRS into a Mark IV is. I can cover any genre without tweaking my's pretty damn cool

You couldnt be more correct with that.

I saw a video of a guy showing all the possibilitys nad I didnt believe it was a just a PRS running into a MK IV. Jazz, blues, classic rock etc..

And Will you marry me?
True's a magical combination.

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I prefer the PRS Doublecuts for the fret access, but still an amazing rig. PRS's are beauts'
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Is that a tub of Vaseline on the table next to your bed?

You dirty boy you!

Seriously though, nice rig.

well if i owned that rig i would fap to it everynight too. blame him?

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

ibanez4life SZ!, I love your rig man. So so close to what I eventually want my rig to turn out like.

Oh and where did you get the rack from? I am thinking of rack mounting my Laney, getting a TC Electronic G System and rack mounting it and putting my pedals in the loops then getting more rack gear.
Dude thats ****in hot.

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i like the look of your rack, because it has some extra room for stuff to breathe in. i wouldn't call that a rack... i'd call it a badass shelf.
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i like the look of your rack, because it has some extra room for stuff to breathe in. i wouldn't call that a rack... i'd call it a badass shelf.

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Do you have presets or just on/off's for the pedals? The Mark IV isn't doesn't accept midi, does it?
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Quote by ibanez4life SZ!
the rack is one of the NY cases from ebay or They are cheap, and work for my needs perfectly.

Eh, I couldn't find anything on NY cases.

Also, I'd love a soundclip of the wah.
It's cool if you can't. Or if it is a hassle then dont bother.
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Have you ever seen anywhere else that makes head/rack cases like that? It's exactly what I'm gonna need for my future plans. But I'm in the UK and I'm probably gonna be looking for about an 8 space. =\
These go to eleven...
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