does anyone else feel like i do about guitars?

i have always wanted that one guitar to be my baby, my pride and joy, my cream of the crop, just like many or most players. but i also have this side of me that loves playing all different kinds of guitars every now and again. it all began with my beloved Epi Korina V. That guitar is my Immaculate Virgin. I love it more than anything. But then i wanted a les paul so i picked up a cheap copy. Then my girlfriend bought me a telecaster for christmas. and now i just bought a gibson sg. so over the course of 4 years, i have bought a guitar per year. at this rate, i'll have a pretty huge collection in a few years. i love being able to pick up a guitar and have it feel totally different from my others. but sometimes i feel my money could go towards other things if i just stick to one guitar.

maybe it turned into a rant a little bit, but does anyone feel like that?
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A guitar per year? Meh, I've bought somewhere in the region of 2-3 per year I've been playing but I've been trying to cut down, bring the GAS under control a bit...it isn't going too well; I just want more expensive things now.
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Every time I get a new guitar I start looking for another! It's an addictive habit that's really enjoyable and not gonna kill us
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If I actually had money I would be buying many guitars...but I don't have money to spend on guitar gear all the time. But I am getting a C-1 Hellraiser soon.

And I'm the same way Zaphod, everything just gets more and more expensive.
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Rack setups are what take my money away, im constantly adding to my rack with various processors and little effects which take up space and weight but sound awesome in the long run.
Well I'm pretty satisfied with my new strat - so I've managed not to think about other guitars. However, I have promised myself that if I get rich I'll start adding to my collection again. A Gibson SG and a PRS Custom 24, should do nicely.
My G.A.S. was uncontrollable at first... At one point I had a PRS SE, an Ibanez RGsomething, an Epiphone Dot Studio.... and not one good amp. It was kinda stupid, but what can someone do when they're obsessed. When I calmed down, I sold each one for a profit. I profitted $200 off of the PRS alone. And now I have the opposite problem... my current gear blows.
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after about 10 years of being happy with my collection i suddenly have the urge to go for a new strat. having trouble deciding which features i need - HSS/S1 switching/deluxe ????????
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Yea I can relate to that. I only have one guitar, but I always check out websites and guitar stores for the 'next one' and always have an urge to buy just not 100% sure what I want right now. I think I'm going to pull the trigger this summer. Just waiting on a few models that are supposed to come out before I make my decision. You can always have your baby and it will be your main but theres always that urge when you see a guitar on the shelf that catches your eye and say 'oooooohh that looks interesting' lol
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i think everyone gets like that

whenever i get qualified, i think i will just work around each companies custom shop and grab some nice amps as well
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