I am very new to guitar.

What should an electric guitar sound like when it is not amplified. My guitar has a few buzzes and unpretty noises but for the most part sounds pretty good through the amp. Should it sound pretty clean or pretty messy. I think I may either have bad technique or need a new setup.

One this I noticed while playing without an amp is that I tended to pick harder to get more volume out of it. By picking harder your strings may have a tendancy to buzz.

I pretty much stopped playing without an amp. Instead, I picked up a Micro Cube amp that runs on batteries. This way I can bring it in the living room and play it quietly while watching tv.

If you are new, use a clean channel on your amp and pay attention to your technique. Spending days to weeks on getting your technique good will pay off. You will automatically do the right technique without even thinking about it.
Its not that I cant amplify because I do have an amp, its that I am not sure my technique or my guitars setup is very good. Its just sounds noisy but I think thats just how electric guitars sound when not amplified.
Well, look and listen for yourself. We haven't seen you play and don't have your guitar on our laps, so you kinda have to go it alone and just take it to a music shop and ask!

There shouldn't really be any buzzes though.
Do the buzzes go when the guitar is amplified? And what guitar and amp do you have?
My guitar is an epiphone les paul standard, with a 30w spider II amp, and an rp250 pedal. When the guitar is run through the amp the buzzing doesn't really seem apparent. I brought my guitar to a technician today and he told me that I should increase my string gauge. What he suggested since I play in drop C and D alot is that I should go with 10-52. So skinny on the bottom and heavy on the top and that by doing that I can greatly improve action with minimal buzz.

I payed him to do a full setup as well. I also discovered by messing around with other guitars that they do indeed sound a little sloppy when not amplified by mine needed a little bit of help. Thanks for your help everyone!