Anyone been there? What's it like? I'm going tomorrow. This looks like guitar center on 'roids, but I'm not getting my hopes up just in case.

also going to what I believe is the world's largest guitar center, and the gibson factory. Spring break FTW
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that looks only a lil bigger than the GC near me...but its hard to tell cuz the GC is kinda shaped like a square n thats all straight
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It's apparently the world's largest musical equipment store...or so they claim...either way look at the outside pic of the building, and the car off to the left.

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heres the key difference

GC lets you play the guitars and everything else

They don't let you play the instruments? Well that sucks...
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It looks about the same size as a Guitar Center. GC has guitars on the walls up to the ceiling (about three stories worth of guitars). That place is just spread out across the ground instead of going up.
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thats pretty epic.
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It's 83,000 square feet. Even with it being spread out, that's really a lot. I see what you're saying though...the Little Rock GC has guitars all the way up to the top of their 20 foot cieling. You can barely pull one out without bumping another one.
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