I'm just curious here - does anyone know what the difference is? I didn't even know that DOD made a Death Metal pedal but I do know that DOD is the sister company of DigiTech so is this basically the same pedal for less money?
well the DOD is a worse sounding pedal than the Death Metal pedal which in turn totally fails to the metal muff.

.....but all those fail to a good amp

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DOD pedals = the suckage. Only pedal that was good was the Thrashmaster.
The DigiTech is very good for what it does and yes they both do fail to a good tube amp.
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They're the same. The Digitech one just adds a cab out you'll never use. Not a bad sounding (but very specialized) pedal. The DOD/Digitech Grunge is the same pedal, only you trade the Mid pot for Gain.
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Thanks! I myself own the Digitech version of the Death Metal but I was wondering what the difference was.

Slaytanic 1993 - I use the Digitech through a tube amp and to me it sounds fine. I will admit that it sounded better back when I had my SS Peavey combo but even with through a tube amp it does the job for me - it may not be everyone's cup of tea but then again if everyone liked the same thing there would be no point in creating devices like this to shape a person's tone.
the digitech pedal sounds ok as far as riffage goes but sounds really bad on solos and licks. the DOD pedal is an amazing pedal! it is all around good unless you turn it up to far cus it sounds too digital and it has real bad feedback. it has real brutal and devastating lows and the solos are just undescribable. when all the nobs are turned to 2 or 3 oclock it has the best sound. all my freinds love the **** out of it. it pretty much makes you sound like behemoth. im going to buy another one incase mine breaks.