has anyone tried to sequence control their whammy 4 before?
i've tried all day experimenting with guitar pro (to some sort of crappy success), and cubase. both of which are annoying me too much to try.

i'd to know if someone has had any experience or knows how to work with it.

I'm using win xp, pro tools, and guitar pro... so yeah. i have access to cubase, but its craptastic. i have fruityloops, but i haven't got the patiences to want to try and learn it, cus userfriendly programs seem to be what companies are leaning away from

atm, i can control what channel i can use in guitar pro, but not the 'velocity' or 'expression' or whatever else is being stupid. i just want to learn to turn on and off, control the whammy, and selected effect via computer/midi.

thanks in advance.
Might you try the Digitech forums if there are any? Obviously pro tools is very popular and so is that pedal. Ask around and see what you find.

I have that pedal too and it would be nice to know my options with going MIDI are. Good luck.
what is the midi on the whammy for. i always wondered that. the only thing i could think of was switching the the setting on it and turning it on and off. what else can you do?
you can use the midi control for switching settings from 1 setting to another, but by setting up a sequence for it on a computer, it can do very accurate pitch shifts similar to muse's 'map of the problematique'

i guess those forums would be plan B if i cant find any info here.
I looked all over the net, but all i get is crappy little adverts, or someone asking a question which isn't answered.

is there any one on these forums who can help me?
If you're not familiar with midi CC# programing, you'll want to do some research into that before you get started. It's easy to set up an outboard continuous controller (such as a Kaoss Pad or a guitar mounted potentiometer) simply by having them operate on the same CC#. According to the manual, the treadle position works on CC#11 so by simply setting your sequencer to operate on 0-127 (as opposed to 1-128) on CC#11, you should be able to control it externally (make sure you're on the same midi channel). Of course it gets more complicated at this point as you'll need to look at the specifics of exactly which sequencer program you're using. Similarly, the on/off feature is controlled on CC#0.
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