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I might be moving soon from new Zealand

I dunno what city my parents want to go live to yet BUT...

Can anyone recommend my a city where theres a big music scene going on, and theres lots of stuff to do involving music, and where the biggest Australian bands come from.
if your into rap, adelaide is definately the place. i don't know about much else, but move to adelaide anyway, it's a really cool place
i moved to brisbane from auckland in jan. brisbane is good for music, there are some good guitar shops around and my school has a few bands
If you're after a music scene, Melbourne is your bag, or Sydney, closely followed by Adelaide. Pretty much alls styles are represented in those cities.

But please, save yourself the pain, do not move to Brisbane, in the 17 years I've lived here I've seen one band i actually liked and met one other good guitarist, that said I'm moving back to Melbourne next month,

I'll see you there?

*Major Edit* I overlooked the GC, now music there is thriving, THRIVING I TELL YOU!!
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Frickin Queensland. Brisbane/Gold Coast to be exact. Huuuge underground scene here, specially in rock and hardcore

make the move
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around the beaches
theyre so boring all people do is surf and play guitar
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Frickin Queensland. Brisbane/Gold Coast to be exact. Huuuge underground scene here, specially in rock and hardcore

make the move

No. Epic lie
Yea, don't go to Brisbane. I live in Brisbane. The scene is lame. We've got a tiny metal scene that keeps dying and basically nothing else.
Go to Sydney or Melbourne.
Melbourne= Jet
Adelaide=Behind Crimson Eyes
Perth=Eskimoe Joe
Sydney= nothin but dance sh*t
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Melbourne's the place. I've lived in NSW QLD and Vic and i can safely say melb is the place for music. You'll never be at a shortage for gigs, rehearsle spots, excellent bars, fellow like-minded muso's and all round nice people to hang out with. best city in aus without a doubt.
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I've always heard Perth has a rather lively music scene...

In Brisbane there isn't really much. It takes the rest of the world to realize there's something in Brisbane before people actually in Brisbane take notice.
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Melbourne. Heaps of good stuff comes out of Melbourne.

And no Sydney sucks. I mean might be good for music and all. But terrible place to live. IMO.....
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For the music scene and well laid out city i would say Melbourne.
For everything else i would say Sydney.
I hear Sydney is just a big Auckland. And I hear people in Melbourne are friendlier on the streets.
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Anywhere in Tasmania, nothing to do with music here but it's a kickass place.
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Anywhere in Tasmania, nothing to do with music here but it's a inbred place.


I live in Sydney, but almost 90 percent of my friends go up to Qld, Brisbane for the holidays. So i'd say Brisbane

I hate melbourne, jack **** to do there, always cold IMO
Melbourne FTW. heaps of underground metal. and great chicks
yep, dark phoenix ftw lol
You guys suck. Living somewhere ultimately waayy cooler than where I live. I'm sure the denizens are exceedingly less offensive/unintelligent/apathetic than the common folk in this god-forsaken land.
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Sydney? Serious?
You you people Australian, or just devout pro-Sydney folks.

Perth is #1 for all things good in music.
Followed by Melbourne.

I hear Adelaide has the oldest population of a capital city... sounds fun...

But seriously, If you guys aren't into living in the middle of a desert, Victoria is the place to be... (no pun intended)
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Melbourne= Jet
Adelaide=Behind Crimson Eyes
Perth=Eskimoe Joe
Sydney= nothin but dance sh*t

Last time I checked Sydney had Bad Blood and No Apologies.. but oh well.

also if you like food, like really good food, live in melbourne.
they have like plazas and tunnels everywhere full of restaurants and liachard (spelling = wrong) street has amazing italian food if you go into nice places.
Melbourne. followed by Perth and then Sydney.
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Melbourne or Perth.
Melbourne's good because VIC is a small state. So getting to Gigs in Melbourne from the regional areas isn't too bad (About a 2 hour drive for me from Bendigo). And it has anything you want. Theres a fair amount of festivals during the year in Victoria as well.
Perth just seems to churn out bands alot for some reason, so there's always something fresh going on.
Well I thought Sydney wasn't to bad, but reading this makes me want to move to Melbourne
Melbourne is suppose to be the cultural hotspot, but come to Western Australia, this small mining town Collie just won triple J's One Night Stand and so Pnau, Faker and COG are playing I only care for COG but then again Pnau have that really funky song that goes like this WILD STRAWBERRIES
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Ive lived in perth, sydney and melbourne.
Outta all of them, Melbourne honestly dominates.
Lots of upcoming acts, lots of venues and gigs/bars.
Sh!tloads of muso's.

You'll be right in Melbourne.

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For the love of god dont move to sydney whatever you do... Anywhere but sydney. Music is **** in sydney, there is no scene unless you like "clubbing" *shudder*
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