Any good?
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Great practice amp. I dunno though, if you're going to go that small, you may as well go with the Vox DA5. I have one, love it. Plus it's $70 less.
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If you want the best out of your Gibson, get a small tube combo. Seriously. I had an AD15 and upgraded to a Blackheart. You won't look back.
sounds good so far as I'm concerned,,,btw you'll get better results in the amps and gear forum
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Very good amp the AD, Very versatile.

But a small tube combo could really bring the full tone out of your gibson.

But then again, Judging from your MG amp. You should really get the VOX to get the taste of every sound. It is superb for Metal and soloing, as well as crunchy blues and rivid rock. Then after a while, just get a Blackheart or Epiphone tube combo (which won't provide you with metal) to get out every aspect of the gibson.
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