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What do you think would be the best song that influenced your playing pretty strongly?

Mine would have to be learning guns n roses licks, but mostly double talkin jive that gave me major groove and had an awesome solo that made me wanna play like slash.
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I'd have to say Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd and Sexy Sadie by the Beatles, they're not the hardest, but I really love both songs, and they prove that you don't have to be able to play super fast to sound awesome.
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Sunshine of your love - Cream
Layla (unplugged) - Clapton
Limelight - Rush
Tin Pan Alley - SRV
Brown Sugar - ZZ Top

any of those have influenced my playing a lot.
Tool - Lateralus
the timing in the chorus took ages to get down but in the end its so good.

Protest The Hero - No Stars Over Bethlehem
its just crazy so that was good
I can't name a particular song but Tony Iommi had a strong influence on my playing style. So I guess anything off of the album Black Sabbath by, well... Black Sabbath.
Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton
****ing love the intro and chords.

Master of Puppets - Metallica
kick ass riffs??!?!? YES!!

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Ok everyone, who do you think is the heaviest band? Personally I think As I Lay Dying is the heaviest
It's two separate questions...

Best song I've learned: Tears In Heaven or Dandelion by Audioslave. I know a lot of songs, but I don't know a lot of difficult songs. Only been playing for 11 months without enough dedication.

Song that's had the most influence on my style: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen/many others. I've done so much with that song using my favorite techniques. Really made it my own, and it defines my playing style. The way I play it, with my fiance singing, has made a lot of people cry.
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Can anyone tell me the best tab for learning Comfortably numb? Free or bought I don't care, I just want it to be as accurate as possible, thanks ahead of time for any responses.
Sultans of Swing
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Nightrain or Welcome to the Jungle. Both songs rule and are fun to jam with. They also gave me a great sense of accomplishment when I learned them.
Joe satriani - always with me always with you
The darkness - i believe in a thing called love lol
Guns and roses - sweet child o'mine
Neil young - heart of gold
Opeth - Leper Affinity
Megadeth - Holy Wars....Punishment Due (Still learning all of it)
Bark At The Moon - Ozzy Osbourne
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I feel lame... I can't really play that many full songs on electric guitar except for my own. Actually I don't think I can play any full songs.
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I can't pick a single song...

"Barracuda" - Heart. Best song ever, IMHO. I adore the fast, galloping rhythm used.

"Brown Sugar" - Rolling Stones. Enormous influence over how I make riffs.

"Born to Run" - Bruce Springsteen. I always write with a sense of grandiosity and harmony, with no one part dominating the others, largely because of this song.

"YYZ" - Rush. Wacky time signatures ahoy!
from the most Br00tal band evar...Thunderhorse. that song really helped with my sweeping. also another good song for me was sultans of swing
Comfortably Numb is the song that influenced me the most... Quickly became my favourite song to play and my overall favourite song.

Just perfect.

In terms of acoustic guitar, I think that the best song I've learned is Signe by Eric Clapton.
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Right now i`m really into Angel of Death, the one interlude part is f`ing HARD. and little bits here and there are impossible to hit right at that speed.
WTF, I'm surprised, Cliffs of Dover was definitely the BEST song I ever learned, try it next time with your band, but split it up between the two guitars.... and put in more shred improv here and there, it's awesome.
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i want to learn Canon Rock but i have no guitar.. me sad
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Probably heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin, I love the song, it sounds good and it's not too hard which is good considering i've only been playing for 4 months. Although I get raped the by the solo on that song, dude holy f*ck thats hard.
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Probably heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin, I love the song, it sounds good and it's not too hard which is good considering i've only been playing for 4 months. Although I get raped the by the solo on that song, dude holy f*ck thats hard.

just start working on the easiest parts, then the next easiest parts and work your way up. in time with quality effort, youll get it.... danyouson
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to me it sounds like Rush if there were 2 alex lifesons playing interweaving parts
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Learning "Symphony of Destruction" a month ago has got me out of a two year rut of not playing guitar at all
For playing Marty Friedman accurately, it's the best song I've ever learnt.
That is until I get Tornado of Souls down!
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On Acoustic - Tears in the Rain - Joe Satriani

On Electric - The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing - Joe Satriani
Waterfall- The Stone Roses.

Nice and easy, and felt great when I eventually got it right.
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