for a while the pot in my dunlop worked fine. one day it just turned to ****. all it does now is makes scratching noises when the tredal is moved. i though it was dirt or something in the pot. i cleaned it out with some of that air in a can **** for like computers and such and it didnt help at all. so i took the thing apart. took the pot out opend it up and there was nothing in it such as dirt. put it back together and it worked fine for about and hour. did it again, and same results. still ****ing scratchy sounding.

anyone know what is wrong with it? its a dunlop db-02 (dime crybaby custom)

dont feel like ordering a new pot if its something else.
From the sounds of it, you'll need to replace it. Once your pot starts to sound scratchy or starts getting sticky, that's an indicator that it's time to replace it.
ok thanks. do you know if the stock dunlop pot can be switched with a hot potz like the dime crybaby from hell has (not the one i have)