I'm having a problem with last fm right now, Last FM always turns on automatically when I turn on my music but my internet wasn't working when I turned it on earlier so Last FM wasn't on, a few hours later I got my internet working and I turn on last FM but it's not scrobbling the songs anymore so it's not keeping track of the songs last I'm listening to on Windows Media Player anymore. Does anyone know how to fix this.
No idea how to fix it sorry. But if it's any consolation, last time I used that site, I had the exact same problem.
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sign out of last fm and close your windows media player

open up wmp again and last fm should start up again
Quote by Magero
Go to Windows Media player
Go to Tools
Go to plug-ins
Makes sure Last.Fm is ticked

Thank you so much man, I took me a while took figure it out but I finally got it.