I was playing one the other day, and they're awesome. I mean, really awesome.mahogany body, quilted maple top, EMG pickups (real EMG 81/85), tonepros locking bridge, grover tuners.... the works. In any other brand, this would be minimum 2 and a half grand AUS. this one was 1 and a half grand.

What the hell?

There has to be some kind of fault. No one makes guitars that good that cheap.
1) They're not a hugely well-known brand. Ask Joe Average on the street if he's heard of them and he won't have a clue.
2) Their body shapes, when mimicking other brand's famous shapes, tend to be more altered from the original than copies from other brands. E.g. The MK Patriot 'Les Paul' shape is more different to a 'real' Les Paul, than a copy from say, ESP, Vintage, Tokai, or so on.
3) They tend to have slightly unusual control set up/pickup selections/etc. These are fine for when you want a specific sound or some such, but a lot of people prefer to buy more generic, 'all round' guitars with traditional electronics, hardware and set-up, rather than anything which is even slightly different from the norm.
Hahaha, good luck man.

I think its just because no ones really heard of the brand.
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Yeah. I was just really amazed at the quality. I played a Patriot Glory as well as the Vex I want to buy, and the inlay on the glory (which is even less than the vex) was clean as a whistle. No wood filler.