I've been playing for around three years..only about 2 on electric...anyway i play an Epiphone G-400 and my amp..is well..a $50 piece of **** i bought off ebay ages ago...so yeah anything would be an upgrade from that..anyway i can spend up to AUS $500 and would like something that could be heard over a crowd for say pub gigs...i know bugger all about what amps to choose..i just plug the guitar in and fiddle with everything till i reckon it sounds good...im planning on going down to a couple of stores and trying out the amps...but if anyone could give me any amp suggestions or advice on what to do when i try out the amps and how to approach the salesperson and see if i could get a better deal...or just any advice in general would be great...

oh and im not sure if this will help or make any difference ..but i play mostly rock and metal..

You might be able to get a Roland Cube 60 for that much or, if you look around for long enough, an Ashton VP30 combo, which might be better. I've never played an Ashton but they're supposed to be good entry-level valve amps. Another amp worth looking into is the Vox AD50VT though if you play a lot more metal than rock, the Cube would be more suitable than this one.

Hope that's helpful to you
Save a bit more dude.
With the Australian prices, it'll be hard to find something good for that price.
try to get a tube amp if anything. it really is worth saving up for

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Well i found a place where i can get a Roland cube 60 for only $50 more than i wanted to spend...I'm still looking though..I'd prefer to go to a shop and try out some amps..but the problem withh that is the closest shop with a range worth bothering about is 700km away lol...

what are the advantages and disadvantages of a tube amp? apparently the tubes can break and be hard to replace? i really have no idea...

thanks everyone for your help so far
Valves aren't that hard to replace and there are plenty of techs who will do it for you. They are fragile, but they only break if you mistreat them

The advantages of valves are tone, which is more organic and better sounding than that of a solid state. Also, when you turn them up to higher volumes, valves sound better, whilst solid states sound worse. Volume is also an advantage. Valve amps sound significantly louder than a solid state amp of equivalent wattage, for whatever reason. And they are easier to repair than solid states, generally last longer and have a much higher resale value.

Their downsides are price and weight - but they're worth it.
thanks Denthúl...you've been extremely helpful...so do you think that a Roland Cube 60 would be good enough for pub gigs?...or would i be better off getting a bit more money and buying a tube amp?
The Cube 60 would definitely be enough for pub gigs, but if you're planning on moving on to bigger gigs in the future and you want an amp that will always sound good and last for a long time, it may be worth getting a valve amp. It's something you should definitely think about. Just remember to pick the one you feel is right for your needs.
Thanks for that mate..you've been a great help...The more i think about it the more i think i'll get a Roland cube 60 or something similar and if later down the track i move on to bigger and better things i'll get a tube amp...once again thanks mate