so ive been self teaching for two years now and i play mostly metal. I am pretty sloppy and i really want to up my chops but i dont have a practice routine. Latley ive been getting into classical music and i really like playing it because it sort of reminds me of metal and its a good challenge for me. So i set up a lesson with as teacher who only teaches classical and jazz but says he will make my overall technique much better and a lot of rock players come to him to get better. My first lesson is today. Is this a good idea??
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sounds like an awesome idea
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Sounds like a good idea to me You might even get bored with playing metal one day so this might give you a better basis to try to do different things with, trying out different styles etc. Good luck
I'm worried that he teaches both but I'm making assumptions - what are his credentials, who has he played with/taught/etc.
It all depends on how good your teacher is. But I'm in the same boat as you. And yes, strict classical and jazz lessons will improve not only your metal playing but you're overall control and understanding of the guitar.

However, the unique speed/chops and left hand technique of metal is still up to you.
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