Poll: Whos Da best guitarist?
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Joe Satriani
6 38%
John 5
5 31%
9 56%
Kirk Hammet
2 13%
Jimmy Page
7 44%
Herman Li
1 6%
Sam Totman
1 6%
5 31%
Zakk Wylde
2 13%
ME! Ha ha yeah right....
4 25%
Voters: 16.
Ok, so theres approximately 70000000000000000000000 bands in the world - you get da point now, a few of the best Guitarists are:

Joe Satriani
John 5
Herman Li
Sam Totman
Kirk Hammet
Alexi Laiho
Van Halen
Ron Wood
Paul Gilbert
Keith Richards
Steve Cropper

and yeah, approx 4.4million more :P
So who do think is the whos who of guitarists?

Tell me what u think
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Wrong thread, won't report it though. Don't really think there is a best guitarist out there, I have favourites but in the end it's all opinion. But if you are talking speed and accuracy etc, I don't think Herman Li would be it, he is really sloppy. Incredibally fast but too many mistakes.
Herman Li

are you joking

add paul gilbert to the poll

take herman out
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well in terms of ability it would probably be herman or the bucket but for sheer awesome riffability it would either be hammet or slash
Why is there all metal guitarists? What about SRV, Hendrix, Buddy Guy, John mayer?

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Personally, I think Eddie Van Halen is pretty close to the best.
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john frusciante

its not all about shredding you know

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

John Petrucci. Technique wise he's amazing. His songwriting skills are great. And his riffs and solos are legendary.
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Why is there all metal guitarists? What about SRV, Hendrix, Buddy Guy, John mayer?

Dude, jimi was great an all that, but you can't treat something that you pour you soul into like that! how can you smash your guitar??????
Clapton kills everyone people have said so far (except Hendrix).

And thank you FMNStratGuy for listing some GOOD guitarists...

Edit: BB King? Robert Johnson? Chuck Berry? Joe Pass? Les Paul? Joe Perry? George Harrison? Prince? Tom Morello?
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youve missed out too many great guitarist so i refuse to vote

I TOTALY agree!!

ps. wtf is van halen doing in that list?? he is NO F* way better the patruci(?) Stevie ray vaughan, bb king, robert cray, JJ Cale, clapton, brian may, steve vai to name but a few.

worst list ever! But to cheer you up the polls are allways crap, nothing personal though.
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