Hi All... i'm giving some time to learning the Melodic Minor scale but i've noticed the scale is different ascending than descending. Is this right? Or can you just play it the same both ways? If so, which one is it better to focus on - the descending or ascending scale?

Thanks for any help.
the 6th and 7th notes are raised on the way up the scale... but lowered on the way down... i think, please correct me if im wrong
Don't hold me to this but i think in classical music it has a different ascending and descending form but in jazz they just concentrate on the ascending one
Ascending the melodic minor is 1 2 b3 4 5 6 7, ie the same as the major scale apart from a flat third. The descending melodic minor scale is the same as the natural minor or aeolian mode. You don't have to use the notes of one only when playing ascending or descending licks, just mix the two together and let your ears judge what works and what doesn't.
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hey, i had no idea that was a general rule, but the two scales are, for the most part, interchangable. I tend to just move the 7th (the only note that's different) up and down a fret according to my own tastes.
The melodic minor scale is played, classically, like a natural minor with a sharpened 6th and 7th on the way up . Then, on the way down, you play Natural Minor (or the exact aeolian mode, if that makes more sense to you).

Of course... that was really only used in classical music, it's a piece of theory that bears not a *great deal* of relevance today and often times someone will just use the ascending part as the "melodic scale".

C melodic minor would be;

Ascending: C D Eb F G A B C (A is the sharpened sixth, B is the sharpened 7th)
Descending: C Bb Ab G F Eb D C ( The natural minor scale)
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Yeah, in Jazz it's generaly played the same ascending and desecending.