So as you may know from my thing <<< that way i live in Australia, as you may also know we get ripped on prices. Now im looking to buy a high gain/lead amp by the end of the year. My amp of choice would be a Bogner XTC, although it costs $9000 dollars for the head and 4x12.. Which is equivalent to about $8500US dollars. Originally i was going to get my brother to get it for me while he was overseas but i now realise that you automatically void the warrenty when used outside the country:-(. Now i was wondering if there is anything else that can get that dark, smooth tone that the XTC has. I already have a Twin for cleans and an Orange for Plexi style crunch, this is going to be an High Gain purchase. I've heard Mako make an amp that is voiced like this..? Is this true? And do you guys know of any others? I'd prefer this one to be Boutique but will consider production. I have saved up a lot and want the amp to be of the best quality possible..
Have you tried some ENGLs? I don't know how expensive they are down under though.
Fair enough. Well, I was gonna recommend one of those or a Peavey 6505/5150, but they're kinda outclassed by the sort of amp you're after. How about some Mesa/Boogies?
I spose i could look into them, but they are way overpriced here too, for example a Roadster and 4x12 retails for abot $8000.
Right. I was gonna say maybe a Mark 4... which'll be even more expensive.

I think I'm gonna wait until the real amp enthusiasts come and help, I'll just be leading you down wrong paths really. Good luck anyway.

I'm not that good when it comes to higher gain amps, but what about something from Framus? They do that sort of thing well, so I have heard.

^^ He could get a Mark IV for just over $5000
Yeah the Mark IV is cheaper... Still its $5000 for the head, an extra $500 would get me a Diezel Einstien and another $700 would get me the Bogner.. Thanks for all your help guys, appreciate it:-)
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Yeah the Mark IV is cheaper... Still its $5000 for the head, an extra $500 would get me a Diezel Einstien and another $700 would get me the Bogner.. Thanks for all your help guys, appreciate it:-)

Just a tad more and you could get the combo instead. Where are you getting your prices from? Because I found that this place appears to be cheapish (for Australia).


Also, it might be worth getting a combo in your scenario, because the $3000 (?) difference between getting a combo and halfstack is ridiculous.
Is your brother still able to get an amp while he's here?

If so, I'd seriously consider Diezel. I went to a bunch of stores yesterday and played a huge list of amps, some that I haven't played, some that I have.

It consisted of:

Bogner XTC
Bogner Shiva
Diezel Einstein
Krank Krankenstein
Egnater Tourmaster
Marshall JVM
Marshall Kerry King Sig JCM800
EVH 5150 III
Mesa Roadking
Mesa Roadster

And out of all of them I kept going back to the Diezel, it was an awesome amp, I still prefered the Herbert over it, but for $1000 or so less, the Einstein was pretty sweet.
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Look at the Engl Fireball, very nice amp.

Also I would look at the Laney GH50/100. One of the nicest leads I have heard from an amp that doesnt rip your pocket off.
Yeah thats no worries, although im not sure how the warrenty will be on other amp if Bogner does that. I've never actaully played the Einstien, only the VH4. Does the Einstien have smooth leads.. kind of Vai-ish, thats what im really looking for...
What about an Elmwood M90? or 60? Anyone palyed them? I've heard they XTC-ish..