I drove close to 1000km's last night. Bunbury to Eneabba, to drop my friend Luke off so he could drive his brothers car to Geraldton.

We left at 5:30pm, and on the drive up, we were having fun, had music on, and Luke was being a clown. He was playing with the sun visor, radio, glove box etc, and it was funny.

We got to Eneabba at around 11pm, dropped Luke off at his brothers, so I started driving back to Perth, and he and his brother started driving to Geraldton. About an hour into the journey back, I started to get a bit low on fuel, so I pulled into one of the only service stations along the way, Cataby, at around midnight, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

I pulled up to the bowser, reached for my wallet... and my wallet wasn't there. Parked the car, and ripped the bloody thing apart, looking for my wallet, screaming numerous obscenities. Searched frantically in the darkness for close to half an hour, and I couldn't find anything. I had no cash on me, no cards, nothing.

I thought it must've fallen out when Luke got out... and I didn't have enough fuel to go back... and I didn't have enough to get to Perth. Stranded!

So I messaged Luke telling him I'd have to spend the night in the back of my car in the middle of nowhere at Cataby, and told him if he could send his credit card details through to me, I'd see if the servo would accept it, and I'd pay him back later. He was travelling to Geraldton, so he had no reception on his phone for a while, until around 20 minutes later...

I got a phone call...

"Umm, mate... don't be mad... but... check the sun visor... on the passenger side..."

The freakin idiot hid my wallet up in the sun visor.

Pretty much the only place you'd never think to look.

Got to Perth around 2:30am, slept at a mates, then drove back at 6:00am this morning.

I made sure I gave Lukey a pat on the back when I saw him again!
Bahahah hahahahaha what a bastard. Sounds like something my mates would do, and not realise what in, some circumstance, might happen.

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You just made a very powerful enemy BenFoffenbock.
Oh man, i thought you were gonna get murdered by the service man/woman.
Time for tea and scones now guv?
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Still waiting for the exciting bit.
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You should bum rape him with your wallet.
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Pat on the back? How bout wack round the head?

I think i probably would have called this Luke guy a lot earlier in the series of uprooting the car but.
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Still waiting for the exciting bit.

Well I thought it was pretty exciting! put yourself in my position
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I hope your plotting revenge :p

I would.

I hope you're working on your grammar :p

I would.
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Pics or it didn't happen.

Wasn't exciting. Just funny.

haha believe me i wouldnt go through all the touble of writing something out like that unless it was real
Another wallet story, if somewhat less dramatic:

Back home from the supermarket, a mate of mine realized his wallet was missing. He figured he must not have lost it long ago since he'd paid for the groceries. So he drove back the way and found the parking spot he had used still vacant, and thus parked his car at the same spot.

Opening the door, he found his wallet right there, lying on the concrete. It must have slipped out of his pocket while he was getting in. So without even stepping out of the car, he picked it up and went home.

Talk about luck.