I usually just play 12 bar blues in different keys. Otherwise I play SRV stuff.
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baby please dont go-ac/dc
boom boom boom-john lee hooker
stack shot billy-the black keys
ok thats three but i always seem to play those whenever pick up guitar. also death letter by son house
Does anyone remember David Bromberg? I want to do what he did.
Been getting into swamp blues....Lazy Lester, Junior Kimbrough, Pinetop Perkins, etc
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wow great stuff people.. I'm mainly a SRV player too but im in need of other forms as well
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wow great stuff people.. I'm mainly a SRV player too but im in need of other forms as well

Look into some Rory Gallagher stuff. I like "Hands Off"
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Since I've Been Lovin You- Led Zeppelin.. the intro makes me happy which is an oxymoron for blues I think...

Crossroads- Cream... umm its amazing
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If you guys are looking for someone a little different, try Luther Allison....think Buddy Guy with an edge. His stuff is really good.
This is probably more of a jazz melodic minor riff, but I always play Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit".
Mostly Clapton, BB and Freddy king songs. Some Zeppelin-style blues insanity from time to time.
Man there's alot of stuff.

Too Rolling Stoned - Robin Trower...anyone can just get nasty on that song, and it feels great, of course.

Born Under a Bad Sign - Jimi Hendrix (cover) just a good jam blues song

Pete's Blue - Roy Buchanan...true underrated bluesman, he can get nasty as well

Even One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer by George Thorogood is fun to jam to when you put a little lick after each lyrical line, my band plays it and it gets pretty groovy.

Any SRV is pretty fun to play as well, especially Couldn't Stand the Weather.

Crossroads is great too.
Killing Floor is fun
Any Muddy Waters stuff is awesome, Also fun to play is Little Red Rooster.

One that is absolutely a great some to learn is Damn Right I've Got the Blues by Buddy Guy...I love his tone..
for blues i like Blue Jean Blues by ZZ Top
for blues rock i like Rock Me by Great White
Any kind of Hendrix. ;D

And if I feel like breaking out the slide guitar, any kind of Robert Johnson
I don't even shred