Hi all,

I'm playing guitar for a little over a year now, started out with a really cheap starterset and recently bought a new amp (Fender G-DEC 30). My current guitar is a strat look-a-like which was great to start with, but I'd like to start looking for something new.

I'm a great fan of Dream Theater and therefore John Petrucci, which is basically the reason why I'm also considering the OLP. Another reason is that both guitars cost pretty much the same (400 Euro). Though I've heard good and bad things about both of them so I'd like to ask you all to help me out a little...

I mostly like rock and metal, but I play some blues and other stuff too.
go with the OLP. nowhere near as good as the ernie ball but its still petrucci
I had to get a replacement after I broke my G string. What a pain in the ass!
I would go for the Ibanez tbh, I have never held much with the whole Signed Knock Off idea
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