I went to Guitarcenter last weekend, and was impressed with the Valvetronix. I'm in the market for a new amp and I can spend no more then $400. I see it says something about it being a tube, but from what I can tell it's just got the 12AX7? How is this 'tube-like sound' if it's not a genuine tube? And if I'm going to be mainly just playing in my house, would the 30W be fine, or should I just go ahead and get the 50w?
It's a "tube enriched" digital preamp going into a solid state power amp. That being said, it's one of the better ones available. If you're playing is primarily at home then they're hard to beat for the versatility and ease of use. The primary difference you're going to find between the 30w and 50w is going to be the price difference. It's doubtful you'll ever use all 50 watts on the bigger version as it'll probably degenerate into uncontrollable feedback well before you max it out. I used to have the 120 watt version (simply because I got a deal that was entirely too good) and never used it on anything more than the 30 watt setting simply because anything more was completely ridiculous.
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i would say go with the 50 watt version...
you know, just in case you wanna melt some faces...

and the specific amp is like a hybrid amp... its got a tube in the preamp and the rest is solid state, correct me if i am wrong on this.
Thanks for the replies. Anyone else have any personal experience with the Valvetronix?
I got the 50w version, and as stated before it's heard to beat the thing for home use and smaller sized gigs (without mic). If you are looking for high gain sounds (metal and up) I heard the roland line of moddelers is better though, but for low and medium gain the Vox works wonders.
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I have the 30 and with a speaker change its a nice practice amp. I'd go for the 50 watt as it has a marginally better speaker (still not great though; its a budget celestion as opposed to the budget no name speaker in the 30).
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I had one. It's pretty average. Why not get a nice tube combo?

$400 is my maximum price, find me a tube (NOT the Valveking) and I'll take a look at it. Was not impressed with distortion on the VK and that's what I'll mainly be using it for.

I'm gonna see if I can add a poll to the thread, thanks for the help already guys, I'm leaning towards the 30W, but that doesn't mean I'm still not open to suggestions :O