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Dean Markley
16 20%
22 28%
Ernie Ball
28 35%
Other (do tell!)
14 18%
Voters: 80.
These seem to be the "big three" where I am. These are the main strings you can bu at the shops. Of course there is GHS and other brand but these are the main ones.

What do you like best?


How long have you played these strings?

I've been playing Dean Markley for a few years now. I had 11-52's (wound G) on my RG practically since I bought it a couple years ago. I've tried Ernie Ball, and Daddario on my Viper, but I've gone back to D. Markley (10-46).

they just seem to stay in tune better for me than other brands.

+1 D. Markley
I use Elixir anti rust 10's. I love their sound and feel and most important they last long. When I play normal strings they lose color after about after a day. Usually a set lasts for about a month for me with elixir
daddario 11's. they sound smooth and full, and you can get a wide variety of tones, which is what i need. i tried to use 9's once but they were too twangy and didnt stay in tune as well
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Elixer are great i think, but cos nearly double anything else...i go for ernie ball!!!
daddario 10's

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I use Elixir anti rust 10's. I love their sound and feel and most important they last long. When I play normal strings they lose color after about after a day. Usually a set lasts for about a month for me with elixir

I've played Elixir's before, good strings but a bit too costly for me. And I like to change strings every couple weeks or so.
I've played GHS on my 7-string (10-56) for a couple of years now and haven't found anything that gives me a better tone... Dean Markley Blue Steels come close though...
I use GHS boomers 9-42. They stay in tune, ring true, and don't snap when I go all willy nilly with my floyds. I've been using them since 2002, and I stick with them. The other brands are also quality strings, I just really like the way the GHS play and I like their durrability.
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d'addario = environmentally friendly

I don't usually think "How enviromentally friendly will this pack be" when buying strings...

maybe thats not such a good thing...
I've been using DR Hi-Beams (9-46) for a few months. The BEST strings I've played!!!

I used Dean Markley's for about a year, then used D'addario's for about 7-8 months.

I can say confidently DR Hi-Beams are the best I've EVER used. The last longer than Elixer strings with much better tone and at half the price. The only brand I want to try that I haven't yes it GHS.

I also would like to try the DR Dimebag strings.
I've been a D'Addario user for 8 years now and I don't plan to change for the moment, since they've always worked perfectly for me.

I tried Ernie Ball and liked the feel and sound, but they didn't last very long; I tried Dean Markley and... ugh... I'll never do it again; then tried GHS and liked them, very similar to D'Addario, but more expensive and less bright. So I came back to my good old brand.
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GHS Boomers +1

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d'addario = environmentally friendly

Not if they have to be transported halfway across the world to get to you.

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D'addario 10's

Because 9's feel like rubber bands

I never really experimented with other string types. If they're different brands, but made of the same metal, does it really make any difference?
Ernie Ball, used their strings for about 3 years now

use beefy slinkys (11-54) on my Les Paul
and 9 guage (just changed to 10's) on my Telecaster

I used a lot of other string brands when i first started and just found EBs to last longer and hold tune better than most.
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I honestly don't care about which brand of strings I use, because I'm confident that it makes no difference on my tone.

I use .10's, though.
Dean Markley blue steels

one time I was getting strings for my guitar
and I was going to get d'addarios but they didn't have any so I got the .10 Blue steels
best decision I ever made.
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On 24.75 scale guitars i used to use Ernie Ball reugular slinkys, i just recently switched to Zakk Wylde Dunlop icon guitar strings 10-46, i like these better.

on 25.5 scale i use either ernie ball 9's or d'adarrio, depends on which is cheaper at my local shop