I have a dreadnought that is very warm and deep sounding, with just a hint of sparkle but not overly bright at all. I also have a L.R. Baggs M1 soundhole pickup (rebranded by Takamine actually), that is very good about outputting your acoustics real unamplified sound, so my output is very warm and deep sounding with just a hint of sparkle, but not overly bright at all.

Well, I play in a church band, and we have a very aggressive bass player and very aggressive piano player who cuts through the mix well... but we also have an organ and keyboard going, who play more basic chords and rhythm, and similar tones, and we are getting all muddied up.

So obviously my question is what are some ways of getting away from the organ and keyboard. A screaming electric playing riffs wouldn't be a problem, but typical rhythm strumming on a warm acoustic is pumping out a very similar vibe.

I picked up a Fishman Aura pedal, hoping it will help. The only other gear item that I can think of that would dramatically help is to switch to an under-saddle piezo pickup, like the Fishman Matrix. Maybe I can crank up the prescence on my D.I. box too. Also, my instructor is showing me how to play arpeggios in a higher voicing. I don't know what else to do.
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sounds like your church band is too big. you dont need 3 types of keys in one mix.... bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth pianist, kit drummer, and maybe a second acoustic playing more basic rhythms with any of which on vox would be fine. but its no wonder your sound is muddy, there wont be much clarity between a keyboard, a normal piano, and an organ
Yeah, but, I can't really do anything about that, I can only control the acoustic stuff.

Yeah if it were up to me, the organ wouldn't play every song, but she does. Every possible song the organ is going. Traditional, contemporary, doesn't matter. The piano is usually going too, but they're very aggressive and that really doesn't muddy up anything. The keyboard isn't going every Sunday, but if it is, then that girl plays these sustained chords with tons of reverb, right in the middle of they keyboard so it's just a non-stop sound.

Biggest problem in my opinion is that everybody is free to do their own thing. The piano music is printed out for 3 instruments, I get the basic chords for acoustic, and whatever we want to do is just totally up to us. The bass guy doesn't ever look at any of the music, or even what the song list is, he just wants to know the key and he just makes stuff up.

So, there's no telling what the other guys are going to do, as it's not like its choreographed at all, but it's a guaranteed that there will be this big wall of non-stop mellow sound that I really need to get away from and not contribute to. Thought about trying to hit real high pitched chords with half notes then mute them real quick, very similar to the sound of a rhythm-keeping bluegrass mandolin, but obviously this won't work with every song.