I'm looking for strings that will play well in open C# and other similar tunings that are around 2 steps down. Any recommendations on gauge or type would be great thanks.
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Ive been usuing them for years in drop tunings... best I've come across
I currently have GHS Boomers Super Steel strings, which have a thicker, more robust sound to them compared to the Nickel-wound strings that usually come stock on most guitars. But I have a Baritone....so....... .
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I'd recommend using at least 11s, and possibly 12s, for drop tunings. As for brand, I personally go for Elixirs or D'Addarios, but it's going to be a matter of personal preference. Try a few different brands over two or three restrings and see what you like best.
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Alright I've heard on good things about the elixirs so I'll probably give those a shot first, thanks.