what do you recommend for my first build.....a setneck or bolt-on, i read almost 20 articles that states their pros and cons....but i cant make up my mind, i need expert opinion.....so??
i wanna build a shredders guitar, and i have all the tools necessary for wood, except for the truss rod......plz help
I'm gonna do a neck-through for my first build. I'm not sure I can do a good neck pocket, and a neck-through is the only way to avoid it. Also I came up with a design I really like which is only possible with a neck-through. As for set-neck vs bolt-on, you'll have to do a neck pocket for either. My guess would be that a bolt-on would allow a little more room for error, but I don't know for sure. :p
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bolt-on is very easy if you can nail the neck pocket
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pesonally, i prefer the setneck, because this build will be my only build, and im using top parts on it, emg pups, floyd rose trem, ebony fretboard......so im gonna follow gibson's way, plus its an sg body