As I listen:

I like it Some great ideas in there and very well executed. Drums could perhaps be a little louder in the mix, if anything. Also, it sounds quite disorganised, but I'll take it that's what you wanted. You did a good job of keeping it interesting, nothing is any longer or shorter than it needs to be, and a great lil solo. Not sure about the ending though.

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dude awsome.
sounded awsome sorta like an Endless Sporadic.
progressive and technical sounding.
i really enjoyed it man, awsome stuff.
Thanks! My influences are all over the place but I draw I lot from Jazz arrangments, Meshuggah, Dream Theater, Sikth and Between the Buried and Me. I'm pretty ADD and it translates over into my music.
Sweet! Like was said above, its disorganized, but everything in there was cool. Your playing is great, the mix could use a little work.

It almost seems like you could've made more than one song out of everything you put in there... but sometimes thats what makes a song great.

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