This may be a long shot but...

I moved to Germany a few months ago and i'm looking for a band there.
I've been playing for almost 8 years, and I currently also play in a Belgian death metal band called Angor Pectoris.
Genre doesn't really matter much, as long as it's metal (death/black/thrash/ ..).
I speak English/Dutch/French and a little German.

My equipment:
Jackson KV-2 (tuned to B)
Jackson COW-7
Bogner Uberschall
Marshall 1960BV cab with 2 V30's and 2 G12T75 speakers

Pm if you happen to know a band looking for a guitarist
Up ^^
Jackson KV 2, Jackson COW 7 (both in B), Jackson Demmelition V
Bogner Überschall (blue rev)
Marshall 1960B Vintage (2x V30 & 2x G12T75)
TC Electronic G Major
BBE Sonic Maximizer 422A
Weber Mass 150w
ISP ProRackG
T.Racks Dinopower
Hi! I'm new in Germany. It's been two months and I'm looking for metalhead friends around here but its hard because I can't speak German. I'm glad that I found someone like me. Actually you posted this message a while ago but I hope I can talk to you.
its been a while since you made this thread. but i hope i could talk to you.
does age matter or what? cuz im 14 and i just moved here and dont speak much german. i play lots of metal. want to see my skills check my youtube channel - youtube.com/user/EPICxSYN
i live in friedberg (near frankfurt). i been playing for about 3 years. i dont suck but im no jeff loomis. just pm me if your interested in me.
i play mostly rhythm btw.
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hey, same problem here!
i came to frankfurt in november and i still dont know anyone here...
i have with me my guitar, tuned drop c, and i would like to play it loud sometimes...
love chimaira, machine head, cob... my playing is not awesome but i do my best.