Looking for some opinions on whether its worth the investment to take guitar lessons or not versus teaching yourself.

I basically followed the guitar.about.com beginner lessons, had my friend show me some things here and there, and then moved on to learning songs (mostly open chords or power chords, still working on playing bar chords effectively).

My plan is to start reading some music theory and just carry on with learning more songs and practicing chords esp bar chords.

But would I benefit from taking guitar lessons at this point? I assume not since an instructor will basically just tell me something I could have read and then tell me to practice, but maybe I'm underestimating the value of taking classes?

I haven't looked at price or anything like that yet, but have seen a few people on here recommend lessons so just looking for more info on whether it's really necessary or not.
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ya, for sure. ya, you can teach yourself, but if you take lessons (and if you have a good teacher) you'll learn so much more, understand it better, and progress alot faster
get lessons do all that stuff, as long as you get a good teacher
and keep doing your own thing looking up what you wanna learn
that way you'll learn everything twice as fast...depends how commited to practicing you are
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i say no. noone can teach you something original.

It's more a matter of learning how to express your creativity and originality on an instrument. If you have a tune in your head that you've thought up and want to play it on guitar, but you've no idea how, then that stumps your creativity far more than receiving lessons.
I would say, if you have the time, lessons are benificial. I took about 8 months of lessons, and I had a really good instructor. In my case however, I found that the instructor was mainly showing me things that he was interested in. I benefitted from being shown proper basic technique, but beyond some specialized styles, I feel most can study for themselves everything else. That was 10 years ago, now there is a ton of free content on the internet to learn from.
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What do private guitar lessons generally run ($/hour)?


It depends on how long the person has been teaching and also what they feel like charging. Most common is 20$/hour around here.
Give lessons a try. I started with 3 months of lessons than gave up guitar. I learned some basic chords and some basics songs from my teacher, and he was a pretty good teacher. When I picked up guitar again a couple of years ago I began to teach myself, which has turned out well so far. So I say give it a try and see if it is for you.
yes but make sure you find a good teacher
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i say no. noone can teach you something original.

It's not about originality. It's about simply getting better at guitar. Ofcourse none can teach you orginality, but that's not the point here.

Anyways, I say yes. If you find a good one, you will progress faster than if you played by yourself. Also, your instructor can motivate you to keep going and encourage you. You'll be able to learn a ton of theory and techniques (though in my case, my instructor didn't know how to sweep pick, but I'm not planning to be a shredder, so it wasn't a big deal). If you can find a good teacher, there is no reason as to why you shouldn't take lessons.
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I think if you have the cash and time then YES! you'll probably progress so much faster, but I also think it's gonna be how much your into it. I mean I had calculus everyday of my senior year of high school and didn't learn a thing cuz I didn't give a poo bout it. That's a very dramatic example but the passion has to be there. Teaching yourself works you just gotta have the motivation to practice everyday and push yourself to progress
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I wanna take lessons as well...but i don't have much spare time...
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What takes the time isn't the lessons, but the practice. If you're not putting in AT LEAST 20 hours of practice per hour of lesson, you're wasting your money no matter how good your teacher is. Some teachers are willing to take your money to tell you the same thing every time because you obviously haven't taken the guitar out of the case in the meantime. Others will get fed up and tell you to come back only after you've mastered each lesson.

As for the direction lessons provide, this depends on some cooperation between instructor and student. You have to know where you want to go, and your teacher has to know the best way to get there. If Zakk Wylde is my goal, I'll probably have a different trajectory right from the start than if I'm aiming at Al Dimeola. A good teacher will know how to get me aimed in the right direction - and will know if he "doesn't do" that kind of stuff, and I should find someone else.

I've read that Steve Vai and Joe Satriani give each other lessons, because each can do things the other can't, so they show each other how to do it.
if you have the money to spare, why not? but i have taught myself since i started only 5 months ago and you kind of have more pride when you get good and know you did it by yourself.
take lessons. the teacher can show you technique that is hard to learn by reading on the internet (proper fingerings for open chords, how to hold guitar, thumb placement, sweep picking, hammers, pulls, etc.). Plus a good guitar teacher like mine can tailor the musical portion of the lesson to a song you want to learn. For instance, the first solo I learned was Fade to Black, and my teacher broke down what modes/scales were being used, why they worked with the progression, etc and even showed some alternate ways of playing the same thing in different parts of the neck, as well as made me improvise a solo over him playing the rhythm using the scales and modes that we learned. I'm sure a beginner learning on their own isn't doing something like that a month into playing. You'll learn a lot more than just how to read tabs.
There are very few people who can properly teach themselves. Sure you can learn to play by yourself, using tabs and guitar videos and whatnot.
But the question is not IF you play, but HOW you play. It is very likely that you'll acquire wrong techniques that seem to work for what you want to play at some point, but will prove to be inefficient and hindering in the long run.
I'd like to give an example:
I used to play in a local band 'til January. The other guitarist in that band was self taught and pretty good considering he never had a teacher. But he has some obvious flaws in his technique, e.g. he does bendings with his fingers only instead of using the whole forearm. The results with this technique are good enough for slow bends, but he miserably fails when it comes to fast, accurate bending, just because the fingers alone don't have enough strenght to do that. But he never had anybody to tell him how it's done right, so I can't really blame him.
I, on the other hand, have an excellent teacher who constantly analyses my playing and will tell me how to play correctly, so I never had to worry about a bad technique and unwanted muscle tension.

There is no substitute for a good instructor. Though the most important element is practice and dedication, a teacher will help you to reach your goals with way less hassle than you'd normaly have.

Sorry for the long rant.
Yes. I've been taking lessons since I started, I know I'm better than I would be if I hadn't.
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