Heres my Marshall MG50DFX for sale

Its been kept here in my waredrobe for most of its time, never being bashed around Gigs or what not. The amp is pretty A1 condition.

The only problem ive had which has developed recently is a strange quiet wirring sound that comes on rarely when turning the amp on, possibly the fan? but it soon goes and rarely happens.

All the dials work normally as does the DFX.

The amp is rarely used as I dont play guitar anymore!

The pedal is included in the Original box. Ive only used it afew times, i seem to remember the plug at the end being abit dodgy. Ive just got it out the box and tested it though and it seems to work ok?

The Manual is also included.

£150 but may accept offers

Cheers, Dave

Located near Coventry or Solihull (Birmingham). Pick up only!
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Your new here so I'll let you in on a little secret...

people on this forums HATE your amp, so you may have trouble selling it, I see them going for a bit on ebay so try there

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hate it, why? im not really into the guitar 'scene'

also whats the largest guitar forum for the UK? alternate places to try? or afew if you dont mind.


Those amps are a nightmare to get rid of on here. I tried a while ago, but ended up ebaying it, you'll probably get £80-£100 on there for it.

As far as guitar forums go I think this is one of the biggest, alot of the other ones I tried on Google were pretty much dead and most of them also share UG's oppinion on Marshall MG's unfortunately
bollocks tbh.

gotta find some noobs to own.

cheers for your help.

By the way, ive also got an Ibanez RGT42 for sale, whats the view on them here? please dont say crap aswell :|
You may need to be a bit more lenient on the price because I got my Mg100DFX for £100 off eBay. Good luck anyway.
You should be fine with the Ibanez. I think it's basically Marshall MG's, Line 6 Spiders and most Gibson and Epiphone basses that offend people on here lol
well ill do as I do with my VWs, sell them to people away from the scene so they dont know quite what there like! I mean, ive had the amp for 4 years, thought it was amazing lol.

Ill try and ebay it then

cheers for your help guys, much appreciated
I'd trade a DBX Projet 1 rack compressor and Arion Phaser with wallwart for it.

I don't like the dirt on MG's either, but I could plug into the CD-input.
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