I am a beginner and bought my guitar(ibanez sa 120) about 2 months back... i practice about 1 hour a day approx... but now i am a little concerned about the fret as i see some of the frets which i play frequently are starting to flatten..
is it normal to have fret wear soo soon(2 months).. pls advise

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Hmm.. interesting. The only problem I ever have with my frets is that they become oxydized and turn kinda greenish =/ . Are the frets affecting your tone?
frets dun wear out that fast, i vibrato like mad on my 4 month strat and just wear down a little
Maybe you're putting too much pressure on your strings when you fret a note. Practice fretting very softly -- just hard enough to get a clear tone. Keep practicing like that and you'll see your technique improve and your frets will last forever.
ive had this particular guitar for over a year and I dont take care to play "easily" on it. I see no fret wear at all. Your bsing yourself.
You're only seeing the difference between virgin and not virgin frets, it's nothing to worry about.
i bet they sound fine tho right?

Its pretty tuff to wear out frets....ur prolly okay in that little bit of a time period.

I've had a guitar for 4 years and I played to every day and its still great.