Or vice versa.

If I use a UK made device (say, an amp or more specifically a VOX ToneLab LE) with UK 9V DC plugs in a US plug in, will it explode? I'm overseas at the moment and I've seen things like hair driers pretty much blow up because of the voltage conversion. I don't want this to happen to something worth $400.

I'm assuming this is a common problem because of touring in other areas in the world with out of region equipment or people who order something from the US and use it in a European plug in.

Will a good voltage converter do the trick or should I be very afraid?
If it helps, the 9V adaptor is a 9VAC 3.0A and the manual says to not use another voltage other than intended.

Anyway, it seems like appliances with "heating elements" like irons and hair driers are extra vulnerable to exploding... would this be considered the same? Are valves?
i would just get an american plugthingy...its probably gonna fit...and 9V are 9V everywhere


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just go buy a universal adaptor
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Get a US 9v adapter, because the UK one is designed to convert 230-240v to 9v, and US power is 120v i believe