Initially I did not want any trades until I sold off a few, so I will be very particular on trades for now. More info below. Prices are shipped conus, No overseas sales at the moment, PayPal from confirmed addresses with verified accounts, or USPS MO only.


another: http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r64/sumphead/stratd4.jpg
US Bastard strat: 2000 American Deluxe body near mint 3 tone SB, Satin Sperzel locking tuners, strap locks included, US bridge, Custom Shop Texas Specials, 1998 US standard Neck, fresh fret level, not a ding. SKB freedom case...$700 shipped FIRM I may part this one out later to keep the electronics. I'll accept offers on parts, but the neck must sell first before I part.

As new Fender Hwy 1 strat in SB w/RW board. Still has all the stickers on it and includes an aftermarket new tweed case. $615

another: http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r64/sumphead/2007_0706nc0008.jpg
Oscar Schmitt OE-30 335 style. Sweet guitar, bolt neck, orange, Grovers. This guys are underrated, I almost mad my Pop send it to me and sell my Dot (cause a guy had to have a hollow body right?) Good shape. Older model, not the OE-30 Delta King. $140 Shipped

another: http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r64/sumphead/2007_0706nc0012.jpg
TAYLOR 110 I bought this last year new from CG at $599. No use wear at all, minor scratched on PG. Great little taylor. $425 shipped in custom Taylor bag (nice). that's $160 off!

2006 Epi Custom LP in Alpine white! I bought this just last year at GC because it was the LAST of the MIK stock. Much better than the newer China made. Hasn't seen even a handful of hours. My father has had it since we bought it and it's just too heavy for him. Flawless and the binding has already taken on a nice creamy color. $600 new. Case that was bought new with it included. $450 SHIPPED


I just wished I had time to finish them.

Ibanez RG 270DX, started and did not finish. Body needs more prep just like above and the hardware and electronics are there too. $100 shipped WILL PART OUT!

1932 National Duolian Walnut sunburst. Steel body. Someone had glued a second fretboard on top to lower the action since it almost non adjustable, or they tried to cope the triolian layered fretboard of a few years later. I have carefully removed the second board revealing the rarer maple underneath. I have the original nut, tailpiece, and bridge. All she needs is a good refret, a few pan screws, one tuner button, and you have a $1500 twangy slide master. $800 firm


Charvel Charvette Neck! Nice shallow fast "C" neck HUGE frets, the only visible fretwear is on the LOW-E at the second fret (weird I know). Playability is an easy 9 of 10. Good pointy project and fits strat pocket (at least squier, I tried)....$45

1967-1972 Kluson Deluxe double line tuners, D-169400 patent number, All work well, with ferrels, no screws, two are as common, slightly bent with no effect on function....$70

There is plenty more but this all I can list for now. USPS Money Order, or PayPal to a verified account with a confirmed address only.


UPDATED: WILL ENTERTAIN TRADES, but only for higher end. I will happily trade multiples for your one piece.
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i've got a schecter vengeance standard that i'd trade for your ep
can i see a picture of the neck closer up on the Oscar Schmitt OE-30 335 by any chance and from the side?
My dean mlx and X$ for your epi custom, or my MlX plus some other stuff.
Lmk!! interested majorly!
Red Moon, I'll work on the pic. Peter, yup, the Ibanez has all working parts I just started a refinish and never finished. No metal guitars please.
Don't drink water, fish #@$! in it.