I just got this rickenbacker guitar from a friend, and frankly, when i got it was thrashed. The pickguard looked like it had a saw taken to it, and the paint job was kind of messed up. I fixed the pickguard, but the paint is still messed up. the paint job is fireglow and i was told that it would be really expensive to get it repainted fireglow, and if I painted it one color it would decrease the value. What should i do?
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it depends, do you really like fireglo? if yes then you should get it refinished in fireglo. if not then theres something wrong with you and you should still get it refinished in fireglo.

if you hadn't guessed, i like fireglo. and you can't go refinishing a rickenbacker any old colour it'll just look tasteless you've gotta do it right and fireglo is right.

also can we get some pics?
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some pics would help, that way we can determine wether to repaint or to paint a totally new color.

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Pics or it doesn't exist.

Fireglo. Please.
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