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Had no trouble.
22 76%
Have only had minor issues (please explain).
4 14%
Had to return the amp for service/exchange (please explain).
3 10%
Voters: 29.
Doing this to help Uldhppi out, not to mention I'm curious myself. Like him, I hear some people talking about quality issues regarding these amps (and I also find that many of these same people haven't even used them to begin with). So like him, I'm trying to get some straight answers.

Quote by Uldhppi
Valveking owners and former owners only please respond:
Had no trouble
Had some minor issues
Had to return amp for service or exchange.

So if anyone has had any issues, please post with details.

I myself have had no issues whatsoever with my VK100. I can only speak for the head, as I use a different manufacturer cab. Admittedly, the head doesn't get as much use as I'd like since, it's extremely loud and sits in a small bedroom, but I use it every chance I get, and it's even taken a bump or two (although no cosmetic damage whatsoever).

I should also add that it's nearing about a year since I've had this. Built solid.
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No trouble, had it since christmas. I own the 112 and its been moved from home to uni and back a few times and played loudly often.
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My royal 8 has been working perfectly since I got it half a year ago.
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Thanks, Hakael. Maybe we can get some real data now.
I've had my VK 112 for a year and put it though heavy use. Sounds great, absolutly no problems. I would definitely buy this amp again.
I've had my 112 for a couple of months. No real problems, but the speaker is pretty bad from the get go. It loosens up with time though.
I bought the VK 2x12 combo back when they first came out, weren't very popular, and were about $150 cheaper than they are now. The amp worked perfectly fine when I spent about 2 hours playing around with it at the shop, took it home and played with it for another hour. Two days later I went to fire it up and it crapped out on me. It wasn't a blown fuse, tubes, loose cable, or anything. The amp totally crapped out on me. I returned it that day and got something else. Seems like the latest batch of VK's have been pretty reliable, still be sure to test the amp for at least an hour+ before taking it home.
Bought the 112 used, and haven't had any problems. The reverb tank screws were installed at a weird angle making it difficult to remove it, but I don't consider that to be a real problem at all.
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Bought a brand new 212, within a couple of Months one of the Pre-Amps died, I replaced all of the tubes with Tung Sol and JJ equivalents and replaced the stock speakers with Celestion G12K-100's, no problems so far.
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my reverb unit wasn't screwed down either and one of my tubes has blown, but it was broke from the get go.
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No problems and no clue what they're talking about :P
Great amp for a Great price and very solid!!!!
Mine fell down (not my fault!... not with my baby :O) and ... well.. some minor scratches but nothing big
joints needed to be resoldered after about a year, pre-amp tubes went in the first 6 months, but mine was a floor model
I've only owned my Valve king for a few months now and the only thing that anoys me is that it has a humming noise. A great amp if your guitar has humbuckers in it and a not so great amp for single coil pick ups
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