maj omits the 4th and 7th degree
and minor omits 2nd and 6th
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it's the same shape, but the root note is in a different place. If you look at the major and the minor scales, then take out the notes to make them pentatonics, you get different intervals, which is why it is the same shape but played in different places.

to help you out, the minor pentatonic has it's root on the first note you play, but the major pentatonic has its root on the second note you play.

i haven't got any diagrams to hand to show, or i'd be able to explain better. hope this helps to some degree.
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They are about the same simply starts on a different note and have a different feel because of it. You can play the minor in a major shape if you start on the second note of the major scale.
They're not "about the same", they're completely different. The Major pentatonic is the major scale minus the 4th and 7th, the minor pentatonic is the minor scale minus the 2nd and 6th.

The major pentatonic doesn't "have it's root on the second note you play", the major pentatonic has it's root as the first note you play, just like any other scale. It just so happens that the major pentatonic of any given note will contain the same notes as the minor pentatonic of the note 3 semitones lower but that's simply a quirk of the scale, not its definition.

The most important thing when learning scales is to learn the notes and intervals, patterns mean nothing and are only useful for using the scale, not learning it.
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As posted before, major and minor pentatonics are created from diatonic major and minor scales. Both of them have the two notes removed which form a tritone with eachother.