i got me an acoustic song i made up last week too
its called bubbles cuz me gf told me thats what its called
its in d a d f# b e

allthough i couldn't be bothered to tab the outro cuz i just jam around with some ideas and when you write something it becomes as stone
if anyone wants to make a recording of this id luv to hear it
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First, I have to say - you've just inspired me. That was a wonderful piece. The ascending progression like in bar 21.. Seriously, I'm going to learn this song.

My complaint was with the break (bar 23, for example). You built up such an amazing force, and then I was honestly dissapointed with what came next. It just didn't fit with the rest of the piece.
yeah bar 23 bit is my lil guthrie govan inspired part from the intro of a song called ner ner
i honestly didnt know what the hell to do after all the hammery on bits and me grandad tol me to play somthing high up and chordy so i gave it a try and stuck with it

absolutly kickass that you liked it mun have fun learning it
did ya listen to the lil recording of it on me profile at all??

I liked the fast hammer-on/ pulloffs, it sounded awesome. For me the 'bar 23' part is one of the best parts, it's just cool. I changed the last note before bar 23 to a half note which I think makes the transition sound alot better, like deep breath before it dives in. The part that starts at bar 39 is also quite cool.

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Amazing song
When I heard the intro I hoped it wouldn't continue like that for too long, and luckely it didn't I really liked the bar 23 part, I think it does fit the song and it just sounds very cool

Good job
blatent bump number2 oh deary deary me...seriouly though if anyone wants to learn this i'lll fookin tab it just get posting its dead impressive and real easy
I think it would be cool with some kind of other instrument in the background, that holds out long notes, at bar 17. (I am aware of that my english makes my explanations rather unclear^^) My theory also sucks so this will make even less sense. However, for example, try using the "electric guitar (jazz)" and add the c# at fret 2 of the b-string (on a standard tuned guitar) at bar 17. Hold this note until bar 19 and let it descend to a# at 19 and g# at 20. I guess this sounded like some kind of guitar tutorial, but whatever ;D