As the title says, Sale or Trade. Would be wanting £25, includes postage to UK. Can put pics up at sometime (am at work now though...).

Reason for sale: It's just too much for me these days! I don't really play much metal anymore.

Would trade for following pedals:

Overdrive, reverb, delay, chorus.

May trade for other things as well, let me know what you've got!

Oh, and before you ask... I cannot prove whatsoever that I'm a reliable trader, as I have never traded over the net before. No eBay, no positive feedback, nothing. If you're not comfortable with this, that's fine.

If you would like me to verify that I actually own this item, and I'm a legit trader, I can take photos of pedal next to the UG site, next to a door, next to a lamp post, next to a nuclear submarine...whatever!