Since amps are like 80% of the tone..Playability must be one of the most important factors in choses an electric..

I have a bid in for a Fender Highway1 upgrade model...a big factor was the "jumbo" frets...Anyone know is this good for ease of playabilty
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Uhh Uhh. Guitars are part of your overall tone as well. Some more than others (Strat vs. Les Paul), but nevertheless.

For me, Les Pauls feel right. Strats (with noiseless pickups) are PROBABLY the most playable in terms of the "if I had to play a guitar for the rest of my life" scenario
gibson sg.. unbelievably playable and easily reachable at the highest frets.
If you're talking about ease of playability, it's very hard to find that when you're looking through a catalogue. I have a couple Squires that play better than some of my nicer guitars, just because I set them up well.

Some other things matter. If you're up near the higher frets often, you might find a set or neck-through makesi it easier to play. Some say larger frets are easy to play, but I think medium-jumbos are perfect. Just get out a play an assload of guitars, and you'll find the right one.
To me, for regular tuning anyway, and excluding slide guitar, PRS has the best off all worlds, so I'd go with them. But with "playability" there are also factors such as knob/switch placement and bridge type that can't be universally idealized, as different aspects are more important in different genres. Some people love to have the volume knob close at hand on Strats so they can be more dynamic, others hate it because it gets in the way. So it's still quite subjective.